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Summer Driving Safety Tips


Ah, summertime – road trips, family vacations, and… teen drivers. If you have a teen driver in the family, he or she is going to want to drive more than during school days. Keeping everyone safe becomes more of a concern during the summer months. There are thousands of younger drivers on the road, many of whom don’t have extensive driving experience, thereby increasing the risk of an accident.

Driving experience makes a difference. For example, a teen driver may not respond to a sudden road hazard the way a more experienced driver would. You can reduce the risks for your teen driver by ensuring he or she understands the types of dangers that come with summer driving.

Be extra careful when driving on congested highways and streets. There are higher numbers of people on the roadways traveling to vacation spots in cars, SUVs, and RVs. Always drive with extra room between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. Highway pileups can be a disaster and are usually the result of drivers following too closely.

Check your tires! The last thing you need is a blowout. It is not only a hassle, but it is also extremely dangerous if you are traveling at higher speeds on highways. Before heading out on your family vacation or allowing your teen to get behind the wheel, check to ensure that all four tires are in good shape. During the hot summer months, the air inside the tires expands, creating a higher potential for a dangerous tire blowout.

Bicycles and motorcycles are sharing the roadways. All teen drivers must be carefully educated to watch for and avoid bicyclists and motorcyclists.

Road construction – watch for it! Many accidents occur in construction zones. Watch for the cone zones and teach your teen to slow down, be extra cautious, and follow the speed limits and warnings.

No texting while driving. Teens are attached to their phones, and it can be difficult for them to avoid looking at or sending a text while behind the wheel. Parents have the option of installing safety apps that make it impossible to text while the vehicle is in motion.

Beware of drunk drivers on holidays. Drinking and driving contributes to a high percentage of fatal accidents across the USA. On holidays, the numbers ramp up even higher. Avoid driving during holidays if possible, and if you must be on the road, operate your vehicle with extra caution.

Summer Safe Driving Rules: A “Must” for Teens

Statistically, the summer months lead to higher numbers of auto crashes caused by teen drivers. Thankfully, we are here to help everyone in our community stay safe. Do you need to put auto insurance in place to cover a new driver in the family? Talk to us – we always look for the best deals for our clients. We are happy to review your current insurance and help you find something that gives you better coverage at a lower rate. Call today and speak with us about your auto insurance, and don’t forget to drive safe!

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